What is the best height of fencing for me?

Residential fences are available in heights of 36in., 42in., 48in., 60in. and 72in. Before ordering, please check the regulations concerning the installation of fences with your municipality.

How much does a fence cost?

To quote the correct price, more information is needed: the product you want, the height, the exact measurements of where the fence will be installed, the number and location of gates (single or double). For your convenience, use our at-home quote service, without cost or obligation.

I wish to install the fence myself; is it possible to just buy the materials?

Yes, it is possible to purchase materials and install your own fence. To make sure you have the right equipment, make a plan where the fence will be installed and write down the exact measurements of each side; indicate where gates will be installed by specifying the desired width.

Do you have the materials in inventory?

For a chain link fence, we usually have the material in inventory. Gates are mounted on demand and delivered on short notice, often the same day for regular sizes. For other products (PVC, ornamental iron and others), the delivery time may vary depending on the desired product. We also offer an ornamental model in stock, and some ’’quick delivery’’ methods.

Do you offer a guarantee?

The products are guaranteed by the various manufacturers. Once you have made your decision on the desired product, we can provide the applicable warranty. Our installation work is guaranteed for three years.

Do you have payment terms?

Our terms are: cash upon completion. We may require a deposit for special orders. We offer the option of paying with a check, Interac, Visa or Mastercard.