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Farm Fences and Wildlife Fences

Galvanized mesh fencing is ideal for farm pens and pastures. Thanks to its flexible joints, it can adapt to the terrain and reduce the damage caused by livestock and weather. It provides sufficient strength to withstand horses, cattle and falling branches. Mesh for farms and ranches comes in rolls of 20 poles (330 feet).

Wildlife mesh with fixed knots is made of high voltage wire and retained by fixed nodes; Wildlife wire is ideal for animal pens.

Farm and wildlife fence features

  • Galvanized
  • Resistant
  • Economical
  • Adapted for agriculture and breeding

Request a quote

  • Fencing height

    Residential fences are available in heights of 36 in., 42 in., 48 in., 60 in. and 72 in. Before ordering, please check the regulations concerning fence installations within your municipality.

  • Buy the materials

    You want to install your fence yourself? We sell the materials and supplies. To make sure you have the right equipment, bring a plan of where the fence will be installed, with the right measurements for each side and indications regarding the place and width of desired gates.

  • Inventory availability

    Inventory availability depends on the fence model you want. We usually have chain link fence material and an ornamental fence model in stock. Regular-sized gates and some fence models are available on short notice. For all customized fencing products, the delivery time can vary depending on the desired product.

  • Offered guarantee

    All of the fencing products we sell are guaranteed by their various manufacturers. Once you have decided which product you want, we can provide you with the applicable warranty information. Our installation work is guaranteed for three years.

  • Payment terms

    We ask for cash payment, direct payment or check at the end of the installation work. We may require a deposit for special orders. We accept debit and credit cards for the purchase of material and parts at the counter.

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